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    The Power of Language in Addiction Treatment and Responsible Gambling

    Does stigmatizing language cause drop-out from addiction treatment? Does it keep gamblers from taking advantage of responsible gambling (RG) tools? The American Society of Addiction Medicine has led the way in proposing non- stigmatizing language for use by treatment professionals. Similarly, researchers working on Positive Play, a responsible gambling approach, have proposed changes in the […]

    Research on Responsible Gambling: Where Are We Going?

    A panel of researchers with experience in RG research, will address what needs to be done for the field to advance. Topics include: Do we have a validated measure of “safe gambling”? What should operators know before allowing researchers to access their data? Panel:             Jeremiah Weinstock, PhD, Saint Louis University                         Michael Wohl, PhD, […]

    Treating Gambling Harms: Valuable Strategies for Engaging and Retaining Our Clients

    Dr. James Whelan, professor at University of Memphis and head of the Gamblers Clinic at the University, has implemented innovative measures to attract clients to treatment and keep attrition rate low. He will describe these measures, demonstrating the research base for these practices. The evidence supports that gambling-specific treatment can reduce the symptoms, gambling behavior […]

    Defining Responsible Gambling and the Concept of Responsibility

    Despite its widespread use, the concept of “responsible gambling” lacks a clear definition. Consequently, debate and confusion surround the respective government, regulator, industry operator, individual, and community accountability as these stakeholders attempt to develop strategies, policies, and procedures that will protect consumers by minimizing gambling-related harms. Dr. Blaszczynski will advance the argument that stakeholders should […]

    Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Summit

    The 8th annual Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Summit provides AGA members the opportunity to participate in meaningful conversations with our federal regulatory, law enforcement, and financial industry partners about the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in gaming industry AML compliance. The AML Summit is a members-only event that will take place on April 11-12, 2023 in […]

    National Human Trafficking Prevention Month

    January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month and the gaming industry is committed to combatting human trafficking in all its forms. The AGA is committed to preventing and combating human trafficking in the gaming industry by providing tools to: Educate individuals on what constitutes human trafficking and the risks it poses to the gaming industry. […]