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    Las Vegas Sands Fights Homelessness In Southern Nevada

    As a rapidly expanding city, Las Vegas faces many of the challenges growth brings, including affordable housing and homelessness.

    Approximately 6,500 people are homeless in Southern Nevada; and almost one-quarter are youth, a far higher prevalence rate than the national average. Addressing this issue is a critical task for the region. Las Vegas Sands Corp. has stepped up to help meet this challenge with practical steps and support, as part of a long-term commitment to fighting homelessness in the region, including finding long-term solutions.[1]

    The company spent nearly $1 million in 2017 alone – and over $3.5 million to date – on addressing homelessness, partnering with local organizations, and supporting a mobile shower, among other efforts. The Sands Cares Fresh Start Mobile Showers program, in connection with Clean the World,[1] offers critical hygiene to the homeless community and provides resources connecting local homeless to get the help they need. Sands employees also regularly volunteer at local food pantries and shelters to help people obtain basic necessities. The Sands Cares Accelerator Program builds deeper relationships with non-profit organizations in Las Vegas through resources, funding, and guidance; the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth is a beneficiary of this program.[2] Each Sands property has also developed local partnerships to help people in need, and Las Vegas Sands convened a Youth Homelessness Summit[3] with UNLV and the Las Vegas Review-Journal that led to the development of a long-term plan to address and end youth homelessness. The company has also provided seed investments to kick-start new housing projects, focusing on the chronically homeless and veterans.[4] Taken together, these efforts are now critical parts of the wider community’s effort to end homelessness.

    Similarly, the company has worked to help address the challenge of quality, accessible education in a fast-growing region, including teacher recruitment and retention programs. Las Vegas Sands’ efforts are a model for companies in all industries seeking to engage deeply with local leaders on finding both immediate and long-term solutions for pressing local problems.

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