• Responsibility

    Las Vegas Sands’ “Project Protect” Safeguards Customers

    As part of Las Vegas Sands’ commitment to ensuring responsible gaming, preventing human trafficking, and fighting money laundering, it has launched “Project Protect.”

    This initiative merges the company’s efforts in these three area and provides enhanced training for Sands employees, exceeding both government requirements and industry norms.[1]

    Equally important, Sands is addressing these issues at a global and company-wide level, seeking to ensure responsible play and combat money laundering and human trafficking, which are frequently transnational issues, in all countries in which the company operates. This ambitious effort will involve training over 46,000 Sands’ employees around the world to ensure implementation of and adherence to national laws and rigorous corporate policies.

    [1] https://www.sands.com/content/dam/corporate/sands/master/main/home/media-relations/LVS_Project_Protect_Media_Release.pdf