• Responsibility

    Everi Provides Tools To Help Customers Play Responsibly

    For twenty years, Everi has sought to address both underage and problem gambling in a program whose origin goes back to 1999.

    It works with a wide variety of responsible gaming organizations on tools that promote responsible gaming and also ensures legal and regulatory compliance.

    Using Everi’s STeP program (Personal Self Transaction Exclusion), gamblers can self-block from receiving funds through ATMs and other sources of funds at a casino, in conjunction with that casinos exclusion program. Players may file a Request to Block Transactions, valid for at least one year or until a Request to Unblock Transactions is filed, which applies to all Everi access points for all cards and other sources of funds the requester wishes to block.  To obtain further information, the company encourages you to call Everi at 844-EVERI24

    [1] https://www.everi.com/everi-cares/