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    The Gaming Industry's Commitment to ESG

    Leading Responsibly to Meet New Expectations

    Across all industries, stakeholder expectations are rising. The public is increasing its demands for businesses to provide greater transparency, accountability and engagement in responding to critical social and environmental priorities. In response, many companies are establishing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies and launching new initiatives to implement them.

    An evolution of traditional corporate social responsibility (CSR), ESG adds critical accountability through transparent targets and goal setting, frequent measurement, monitoring and reporting and alignment to formal standards and global benchmarks.

    Recently, the AGA conducted the first-ever industry-wide assessment of member initiatives and investments related to ESG issues. While AGA members are following different paths toward instituting formal ESG strategies and programs, they are taking concrete action now to protect the planet, create more diverse, inclusive workplaces, better their communities and demonstrate responsible leadership.


    “This is just the beginning for gaming and ESG. Working with our members, the AGA will expand our industry’s positive impact, defining new ways to help gaming lead responsibly and create greater value.”

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    Bill Miller
    President and CEO, American Gaming Association

    Defining ESG For Gaming

    As an evolution of traditional CSR, ESG adds critical accountability through transparent measurement, monitoring and reporting, which are fast becoming the norm with formalized standards and expectations. Gaming industry stakeholders are looking at our industry’s performance on these issues and holding us accountable for progress. The effort captures how AGA members are prioritizing work on several key issues that are most material to gaming businesses and important to stakeholders.

    Advancing Sustainability

    • Committing to carbon footprint reductions and deploying alternative energy solutions.
    • Reducing resource consumption and waste, including conserving water and electricity, eliminating food waste and reducing or recycling plastic waste.

    Strengthening Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    • Increasing board and management diversity of race, gender and ethnicity.
    • Ensuring equitable access to career advancement opportunities for all employees.
    • Increasing work with diverse suppliers and vendors.
    • Supporting racial equality and social justice efforts through partnerships and philanthropy.

    Investing in Communities

    • Spurring economic development and community revitalization through capital investment, job creation and local business support.
    • Delivering in times of crisis such as natural disasters and economic downturns.
    • Expanding educational and career development opportunities through educational scholarships, mentoring and more.
    • Investing in corporate philanthropy initiatives and meaningful community partnerships across the U.S. and around the globe.

    Responsible Leadership

    • Protecting and empowering customers by investing in responsible gaming programs and equipping customers with tools to wager responsibly.
    • Delivering a gaming experience that exceeds regulatory requirements to ensure patrons enjoy a trusted gaming experience with robust protections.
    • Fostering a responsible culture through employee training on responsible gaming, problem gambling and human trafficking.
    • Establishing and following rigorous business and supply chain standards.
    • Investing in research and partnering with advocacy groups to advance responsibility efforts broadly.