COVID-19 Casino Tracker

Check the current operating status and restrictions for commercial casino properties.

COVID-19 Casino Tracker

May 3, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic closed all commercial and tribal casino properties in the United States. With casinos again being open for business, this map tracks state mandated operating restrictions for commercial casino properties. Local governments in some areas impose additional restrictions and individual properties may choose to set still more stringent policies. Please contact an individual casino property for a complete understanding of their operating status.

Casino COVID-19 Heat Map
State-by-State Key Operating Restrictions

Arkansas: No occupancy limit but casino capacity should not exceed the ability of attendees to maintain six feet physical distance between individuals or household groups. LINK

Colorado: Black Hawk and Central City casinos may operate at 50% of capacity with no further person cap or limitation. Cripple Creek casinos may operate their slot machines at 50% of the posted occupancy limit not to exceed 50 people per room. LINK

Delaware: Casinos are limited to 50% of capacity and health measures are in place. LINK

Florida: Commercial casinos can operate at full capacity with limited social distancing protocols.

Illinois: Casinos may operate pursuant to each property’s approved Pandemic Resumption Plan under normal business hours, limited to 50% of fire code capacity. Existing social distancing, sanitizing and other mitigation protocols and measures remain in effect. LINK

Indiana: Casinos in blue county zones shall limit occupancy to 75%. That number drops to 50% for casinos in yellow and orange county counties. LINK

Iowa: Casinos are not mandated to operate with social distancing measures in place, but they are still strongly encouraged to take such reasonable measures. LINK

Kansas: Casinos are limited to 50% of capacity.

Louisiana: Casinos can operate at 50% occupancy and with 75% of gaming positions. LINK

Maine: Casinos can operate with an occupancy of 50%, 5 persons per 1,000 square feet, or 50 persons – whichever is greater. The limit will be raised to 75% on May 24. LINK

Maryland: Most casinos can operate with no occupancy limit, while adhering to social-distancing guidelines. Local rules restrict two casinos to 50% of occupancy. LINK

Massachusetts: Casino occupancy is capped at 40% of occupancy limits. LINK

Michigan: Casinos are limited to 30% of occupancy limits. LINK

Mississippi: Casinos can operate at full capacity without state-mandated restriction, but are free to set their own COVID-19 safety guidelines. All casinos must continue to follow other state and local rules that aim to slow the spread of the coronavirus. LINK

Missouri: Casinos are permitted to operate without occupancy limitations, as long as physical-distancing practices are followed. Some counties and cities have such capacity restrictions in place.

Nevada: Clark County casinos are restricted to 80% of capacity unless the staff vaccination level is at 80%, at which point a casino can operate at full capacity. Washoe County casinos are limited to 50% of capacity, while casinos in all other counties can operate at 100% of capacity. LINK

New Jersey: Casino patrons in and around gaming areas are limited to 50% of total occupancy. LINK

New Mexico: Casinos in counties at the turquoise level can operate at 33% of maximum occupancy, while casinos in counties at the green level are limited to 25%. LINK

New York: Casinos can operate at 25% occupancy limit. LINK

Ohio: Casinos are limited to a maximum occupancy of no more than 50% of fire code. LINK

Oklahoma: There are no state-mandated restrictions on casino operations.

Pennsylvania: Casinos are limited to 75% of capacity. LINK

Rhode Island: Casinos are operating at approximately 57% capacity for slot operations, the poker room is currently closed and table games are at reduced capacity. Operating hours are restricted to 6 am- 10 pm Sunday through Thursday and until 10.30 pm Friday and Saturday.

South Dakota: There are no mandated restrictions on casino operations in Deadwood.

West Virginia: Casinos are permitted to operate at 100% of capacity as long as proper social distancing measures are ensured. LINK


Last updated: April 30, 9 AM ET

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