• Bringing Gaming Together

    to Lead Gaming Forward

    With membership representing every corner of the gaming industry, the AGA serves as the industry’s champion across the country by advocating on complex issues that individual members cannot change alone.

    Our Mission

    Foster a policy and business environment where legal, regulated gaming thrives.

    How We Deliver

    The AGA leads a rigorous, inclusive process to define our industry’s positions on all significant issues. We support policies that promote industry reinvestment and innovation. We prioritize issues that provide our industry and members the most leverage and greatest business value.


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    Foster an Environment for Industry Growth and Momentum

    To remove barriers inhibiting gaming's growth and help unlock new opportunities, we will strengthen our industry's positioning as a major economic contributor, community partner and strong supporter of consumer protections.

    Drive Effective and Efficient Regulation

    The casino gaming industry—rigorously regulated by 46 states and 251 tribal governments—has a long track record of exemplary compliance and effective partnerships with regulatory agencies. We will build on this by continuing to convene and inform regulators, providing the industry's perspective on smart steps that protect consumers, serve the public interest, and support industry growth and investment.

    Bolster Gaming's Commitment to Responsible Leadership

    Public expectation about the role of business in society are rapidly changing. Today, all industries—including gaming—are being held to a new, higher standard. Stakeholders are calling for greater transparency and expect greater societal contributions. The AGA will help our members meet these expectations by elevating leading practices and identifying key issues for collaborative industry action.

    Strengthen Organizational and Financial Positioning

    To sustain the AGA's role as gaming's leading advocate, we will maintain a high-performing organization that creates and delivers member value by ensuring the financial stability and deploying the necessary resources to advance industry and association priorities. We will also continually raise the bar and find new ways to provide value through our talented people, partnerships and events.

    Our Members

    Our membership includes commercial and tribal casino operators, U.S.-licensed gaming suppliers, financial institutions and other key stakeholders in the gaming industry.

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    Core Membership
    • Commercial Operators
    • Tribal Operators
    • Diversified Gaming Suppliers
    • Independent Testing Labs
    Ally Membership
    • Financial Institutions
    • Non-Gaming Vendors
    • Gaming Destinations
    • State Associations, Media, and Others

    Board of Directors

    AGA’s Board of Directors is composed of leaders from across the industry who convene regularly to discuss a wide range of issues affecting the current and future state of casino gaming.

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    Our Staff

    AGA’s day-to-day operations and activities are directed and executed by an expert team of professionals with extensive experience spanning the gaming industry, association management, and the legislative environment of Washington, D.C.

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    AGA Careers

    We welcome high-caliber professionals to join our efforts to support and advance American gaming.

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