• Responsibility

    Responsible Gameplay Goes Enterprise-wide at Aristocrat

    Applying Company Principles to Strengthen Responsible Gaming

    Aristocrat’s commitment to responsible gameplay goes to the heart of the company’s values and is also critical to their vision of a sustainable and vibrant gaming industry that is welcome in the community. In 2020, Aristocrat took further strides forward, rolling out a range of Responsible Gameplay initiatives in line with its commitment to:

    • COMPLY with all applicable rules and regulations, in everything we do.
    • EMPOWER players, customers, and other stakeholders, supporting choice and helping to inform.
    • IMPROVE what we do, go above compliance, and provide leadership.
    Strengthening Responsible Gameplay Capabilities Enterprise-wide

    Responsible gaming needs to be prioritized internally for it to have impacts externally. This is why Aristocrat rolled out a comprehensive program to help their 6,000+ staff across the world find more ways of building Responsible Gameplay into all aspects of the business.

    • All employees are required to complete training to strengthen their knowledge and commitment to Responsible Gameplay.
    • Aristocrat created an intranet site with Responsible Gameplay information and resources, so employees can learn more, easily access advice, and stay current on the latest updates.
    • Across the business, Aristocrat rolled out Responsible Gameplay guidelines to ensure we uphold its commitments across the product lifecycle, from design and development through to marketing.
    • Their dedicated Responsible Gameplay team is an expert resource, available to support all parts of the business as we strive to comply, empower, and improve in this critical area.
    Promoting Informed Play

    As part of Aristocrat’s commitment to EMPOWER, the manufacturer also developed a series of videos that help explain how gaming machines work to provide players with information and resources to make informed choices and bust myths about the functionality of gaming machines.