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    Cordish Companies: A Passion For Urban Revitalization

    The Cordish Companies have long held a strong commitment to renewing urban areas through re-use and redevelopment of areas that have been too-long neglected or abandoned.

    Examples such as the Power Plant in Baltimore, The Walk in Atlantic City, and Fourth Street Live! In Louisville show the promise and the power of renewal of the urban core through economic redevelopment and imaginative use of space that benefits an entire community. The company’s Live! developments often include gaming[1] as the centerpiece of an entertainment district, as in Midwest Live! in St. Louis.

    Historic preservation and environmental sustainability work together. By taking old buildings that have served their original purpose and making them new, the Cordish Companies have helped cities regain energy and vibrancy while preserving important aspects of their architectural heritage. And these renovated buildings are models of environmental stewardship, including modern, energy-efficient systems that often using alternative energy sources. These buildings, many of which rely on public-private partnerships for their construction, bring jobs and hope to local communities and raise a city’s reputation while laying a foundation for economic growth.

    [1]  http://cordish.com/live