MGM Strengthens Local Community

MGM’s recent building project at National Harbor on the Maryland shoreline of the Potomac near Washington is a strong example of how a gaming company’s commitment to a community can significantly benefit the local economy, including local workers and small businesses.(1)

As part of the National Harbor project, MGM signed a Community Benefits Agreement with Prince George’s County, the site of the build. During the course of construction, one-in-four construction workers lived in Prince George’s County. Nearly half (48%) of 4,000 new jobs at MGM National Harbor went to County residents, above the target of 40 percent. Of these new employees, 81 percent were members of diverse communities.

Among suppliers, 22 contractors (27 percent) in the architectural and engineering phase were state-certified Minority Business Enterprises, above the state target of 19 percent.  During the construction and development phase, 151 contractors (32 percent) were MBEs, again above the state target of 26 percent, for a total of 173 MBEs involved in the project. MGM’s commitment in the build extended to the local environment as well: 24 percent of the total cost of the building came from products containing recycled content, and 96 percent (by weight) of construction and demolition waste was diverted away from landfills.