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    Get to Know Gaming

    Get to Know Gaming (G2KG) is a multi-year campaign dedicated to educating and engaging communities across the country about the value we offer as great partners.

    Beyond the extensive economic impact we have on communities, G2KG highlights the productive partnerships we enable with local non-profit organizations, through extensive philanthropic and volunteerism activities, and through career development opportunities for the 1.8 million Americans whose jobs are supported by the casino gaming industry.

    Each year, the G2KG campaign makes stops across the country, highlighting our unique contributions to each community through fact-based research. Bringing together elected officials, community leaders, industry executives and our partners in the local business community, G2KG is a vehicle to highlight the many benefits derived from our active engagement where we operate.

    Reach out to the Get To Know Gaming team if you’re interested in bringing G2KG to your community.


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    State of Play

    Explore the national and state-by-state impact of the casino gaming industry, as well as key regulatory and statutory requirements in each state.

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