• Responsibility

    Integrity in Gaming

    Integrity underpins the casino gaming experience and our industry’s success. From rigorous casino licensing regulations to thorough employee screening, the U.S. gaming industry is among the most robustly regulated business sectors in the world. We cultivate a deeply rooted culture of compliance through close partnership and cooperation with regulators. Our dedication to gaming integrity is what our customers expect and deserve, and it extends into every facet of our business.

    Rigorous regulatory oversight

    Twenty-four states and 251 tribal governments invest more than $1.4 billion annually regulating the casino gaming industry. They bring a proven track record of careful and effective regulatory oversight to all forms of gaming – including traditional casino games, sports betting and new, emerging games. Casinos recognize their license to operate is a privilege, not a right, and are keenly focused on strict, full compliance with state regulations to maintain licensure. On the federal level, the gaming industry is proud to play a vital role in ensuring integrity in the financial system and partnering with law enforcement to combat financial crimes.

    Vetting industry employees

    As part of the industry’s culture of regulatory compliance, gaming industry employees undergo exhaustive background checks and close scrutiny. Casino owners, top managers and board members must submit to a comprehensive vetting process that includes detailed examination of financial records. State regulators require regular renewals of gaming licenses, a process that includes interviews of casino corporate management and board members.

    Ensuring gaming machine integrity

    For many customers, casino gaming includes playing slots, video poker, or keno. That makes machine integrity paramount, so players have absolute confidence their bet is fair. Before any gaming machine is placed on a casino floor it undergoes extensive testing by third-party, independent labs unaffiliated with casinos or machine manufacturers, overseen by gaming regulators. These independent labs ensure that machines operate as designed, are free from any potential tampering and deliver a fair gaming experience to every player.

    A fair, transparent wager

    The gaming industry understands our business rests on our customers’ trust in the fairness and transparency of any given wager. The industry fully communicates relevant odds and house advantage, and commits to the prompt and accurate payout of winning wagers. State and tribal gaming regulations mandate such behavior, but our industry understands that going beyond the letter of such rules is not only what our customers expect – but what our bottom-line demands.