• Everi's 20-Year Commitment to Responsible Gaming

    Technology suppliers powering intelligence solutions for the gaming industry are just as dedicated to responsible gaming as casinos themselves.

    Everi has invested heavily in helping casino-goers use their money responsibly. Everi provides a suite of financial service tools to enable secure transactions, streamline credit and debit card processing and protect against money-laundering threats. In 2017, Everi performed nearly 100 million transactions totaling $25 billion, making it the largest single supplier of cash-access transactions in the gaming industry.

    Everi’s commitment to responsible gaming spans over two decades, beginning when Everi launched the Everi Cares program – originally known as Global Cash Access’ Responsible Gaming Partnership program — to address underage and problem gaming.

    Over the years, Everi has worked with dozens of responsible gaming associations around the world to develop a set of comprehensive tools to prevent problem gaming. The company’s initiatives and controlled solutions enable casinos to bolster their responsible gaming measures while complying with local laws and customs.

    One of the tools used in conjunction with casinos’ exclusion efforts is Everi’s Self Transaction Exclusion Program (STeP), which players can use to block themselves from receiving funds through ATMs and other sources of funds at a casino. Players can also file a “Request to Block Transactions,” valid for at least one year or until a “Request to Unblock Transactions” is filed, which applies to all Everi access points for cards and other sources of funds the requester wishes to block.

    At Everi, responsibility extends beyond problem gaming. Thanks to the Everi Cares Giving Module, customers can donate the leftover change on their vouchers to charity. The module is live in regional casinos across the country, most recently expanding to the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Since its launch, customers have used the module to donate more than $700,000 to charities.

    Everi also emphasizes employee development and diversity in the workplace. Just this year, the 2020 Women on Boards named Everi a Winning “W” Company for having 20 percent or more women on its board of directors before 2020.

    As a company striving to power casino floors through technology solutions, it is no surprise that Everi’s commitment to responsibility is extensive, both in-depth and scope.

    Twenty years of responsibility is worth celebrating — and it’s clear Everi is just getting started.

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