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    Open Science in Gambling Research

    ICRG Conference on Gambling and Addiction

    Open Science in Gambling Research

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    June 27, 2023


    Open Science (OS) is the movement to make scientific research, data and their dissemination available to any member of an inquiring society, from professionals to citizens. Open Science practices include pre-registration of research questions and hypotheses, and open access to materials and data. The goal of OS is to foster transparency and create a valid, reliable, and replicable scientific literature.

    The panel will first discuss OS strategies and then explore how OS principles and practices can be integrated with existing guidelines for industry-funded research on gambling disorder to ensure that the research process is ethical, transparent, and unbiased.

    Debi LaPlante, PhD, Harvard Medical School
    Brett Aberbanel, PhD, UNLV
    David Mellor, PhD, Center for Open Science