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    Casinos & Communities: Mississippi

    Mississippi's gaming industry is a boon to the Magnolia State's economy and a backbone to many communities.

    Casinos & Communities: Mississippi

    October 2, 2019

    Mississippi Gaming By The Numbers
    $4.4 billion in economic impact annually
    37,277 jobs supported
    $1.6 billion in supported wages
    $976 million in taxes and tribal revenue share payments annually

    Throughout Mississippi, the gaming industry is an engine of growth for communities. This rapid evolution since the inception of casino gaming is a testament to how partners in Mississippi communities – from elected officials to small business representatives and gaming operators to civic leaders – are working together to build mutually-beneficial frameworks for success.

    Casinos & Communities: Mississippi shines a light on the integral role that casino gaming plays in Mississippi’s economy and communities, tying together key data – 37,277 jobs supported and $1.6 billion in wages generated – with firsthand accounts from community and business leaders that illustrate the positive effects gaming has had on the Magnolia State.