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    Casinos & Communities: Oklahoma

    The Oklahoma gaming industry supports thousands of jobs, boosts local economies and partners with small businesses across the state.

    Casinos & Communities: Oklahoma

    February 21, 2019

    Oklahoma Gaming by the Numbers
    $1.7 billion generated in taxes and tribal revenue share payments to state and local governments
    75,885 jobs supported
    $9.8 billion in total economic impact
    $4.3 billion in supported wages

    The Oklahoma gaming industry is a vital partner to the communities where it operates. AGA’s Casinos & Communities research provides an in-depth look at how the relationships between Oklahoma’s tribal nations, elected officials, small business owners and community leaders serve as a model of success for states around the nation.

    “For nearly three decades, sovereign tribal nations and gaming companies have been engines of growth and opportunity in the state of Oklahoma, creating partnerships with local organizations, supporting area small businesses and providing good jobs for workers of all backgrounds,” said Bill Miller, President and chief executive officer of the American Gaming Association.