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    Casinos & Communities: Maryland

    Maryland’s casino industry is helping thousands of families, businesses, and communities across the Free State to thrive.

    Casinos & Communities: Maryland

    September 16, 2019

    Maryland Gaming By The Numbers
    $3 Billion in total economic impact
    $962 million generated in taxes
    15,364 jobs supported
    $713 million in supported wages

    Casino gaming has become an integral part of the Maryland economy. From supporting small business to creating jobs that pave the way to the middle class, gaming serves as a cornerstone to strengthen Maryland’s diverse communities.

    Casinos & Communities: Maryland offers a narrative look at the gaming industry’s economic and social contributions to communities in the Free State. The research couples key data on gaming’s economic impact—15,364 jobs supported and $713 million in wages generated annually—with testimonials from local business owners, non-profits and elected officials about gaming’s positive impact in their communities.