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    Americans’ 2022 NFL Betting Plans

    As Legal Sports Betting Expands, Consumers Gravitate Away from Illegal Bookies

    Americans’ 2022 NFL Betting Plans

    September 7, 2022

    A record 46.6 million Americans say they plan to bet on the NFL during the upcoming season, according to the American Gaming Association’s annual survey of Americans’ NFL betting plans.

    The nearly 47 million people who plan bet this year represent 18 percent of all American adults, up three percent from last year and more than 40 percent since 2020. The increased betting participation over the past two years reflects a legal U.S. sports betting market that has expanded to 32 states this year from 27 in 2021 and 19 in 2020. Similar to last year, 37 percent of NFL fans plan to bet on the league this season.

    As legalization spreads, consumers are moving their betting away from bookies and towards legal options:

    23.0 million people will place a bet online this season, up 18% from 2021 and 104% from 2020.
    10.6 million people will place a bet at a casino property this season, up 2% from 2021 and 61% from 2020.
    Bookie betting is declining: Of the people who plan to bet on the NFL this season, just 13% say they will use a bookie, down from 15% of bettors in 2021 and 18% in 2020.
    The number of bettors who expect to use a bookie this season is 50% higher in states without legalized sports betting than in states with legal options.

    This season, a majority of NFL bettors (68%) will place traditional sports bets either at a physical casino, online or with a bookie. Beyond traditional betting, 59 percent of NFL bettors will place a casual bet, either with friends or as part of a pool, squares or fantasy contest.

    If they were given $50 and asked to pick a Super Bowl winner today, a plurality of Americans would put their money on the Cowboys (7%), followed by the Chiefs (6%), Buccaneers (6%), Packers (5%) and Rams (5%).

    “The sustained interest in NFL wagering reflects the growth and continued maturation of legal sports betting across the country. Consumers clearly want legal sports betting options and understand the regulated industry’s foundational commitments to responsibility.” - AGA President and CEO Bill Miller


    Morning Consult, on behalf of the American Gaming Association, conducted an online survey August 25-27, 2022 among a national sample of 2,210 American adults. The data were weighted to approximate a target sample of adults based on age, educational attainment, gender, race, and region. The margin of error is +/-2 percent and greater among subgroups. Bettors include those who expect to place a bet online, with a bookie, with a casino sportsbook, in a pool, squares or paid fantasy contest, or casually with family or friends.