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    Next Generation Gaming

    To continue to grow and innovate as a modern entertainment option, the gaming industry must be able to respond to changing consumer demands and address today’s competitive market realities. Adapting to this fluid market and leading innovation requires that we work closely with regulators to streamline regulations and remove barriers to innovation through AGA’s Next Generation Policy initiative.

    Regulatory Reform to Lead the Gaming Industry's Recovery

    In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and related shutdowns, gaming companies and regulators alike had to completely revamp how they conduct business. By necessity, regulators and licensees implemented technologies and other tools to continue operations securely and efficiently. Regulators have now seen the value of things like digital filing and storage of applications and video-conferencing meetings and interviews. These technologies, along with reforms that will streamline investment and capital opportunities for gaming companies, should become permanent fixtures to invigorate recovery and innovation in gaming. Click "Read More" to view the white paper.

    White Paper: Regulatory Reform in the COVID-19 Era
    Keeping COVID-induced regulatory changes permanent to bolster the gaming industry's recovery.
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    Three Reforms to Streamline Shipping of Gaming Machines

    Several of the more than three hundred U.S. gaming jurisdictions – states plus tribal entities – still enforce decades old shipping requirements. Many of the requirements have proven unnecessary and drive up costs and slow the delivery of state-of-the-art technology to casino floors. By modernizing shipping regulations, jurisdictions stimulate innovation and can create greater efficiencies for suppliers, casino operators, and their own regulatory efforts.

    This white paper outlines three specific shipping reforms that would spark great improvement in efficiency and speed to-market for gaming machines, and examines the benefits and consequences of reform in each of these areas.

    Recommendations for Streamlining Processes While Maintaining Integrity

    Gaming companies must navigate a myriad of regulatory nuances across a variety of jurisdictions. Through this, the industry has seen how some policies work better than others. This paper makes a wide range of recommendations for streamlining gaming regulations while maintaining the integrity of the industry and its regulatory system.

    It does not attempt to produce an “exhaustive” list of improvements but instead focuses on recommendations that would improve the licensing process, simplify the gaming licensee’s ability to gain access to financing, reform regulation of gaming machines, and modify or eliminate unnecessary red tape and reporting requirements. The paper identifies reforms that would free regulators and licensees from processes that no longer serve their initial goals, analyzing each regulatory problem and identifying an effective solution.

    White Paper: Recommendations for Streamlining Gaming Regulations
    This paper makes a wide range of recommendations for streamlining gaming regulations.
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