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    Poll: Iowa Caucus-Goers Prefer Presidential Candidates Who Support Casinos

    Council Bluffs, IA – A new poll released today finds that likely Iowa caucus-goers are more likely to support a candidate who recognizes that casinos create jobs, generate valuable tax revenue and serve as an important role in economic development (47%-36%).  Eighteen commercial casinos in Iowa support nearly 17,000 jobs, spur $2.5 billion in economic activity and […]

    Vegas Inc: Casinos are improving their efforts to fight money laundering, Treasury official says

    The gaming industry’s fight against criminals who want to use casinos to disguise illegal money was front and center Thursday at the Paris resort. There, industry leaders and government officials gathered for a conference that addressed how casinos are handling their obligations under anti-money-laundering law. The verdict, according to one government official: Casinos have done […]

    The Washington Times: Gambling group to 2016 hopefuls: We’re watching you

    Insisting that the road to the White House goes straight through Nevada, the nation’s gaming industry has put the 2016 presidential candidates on notice that they’re being watched and weighed for how they treat the industry. American Gaming Association (AGA) President Geoff Freeman sent letters to 14 candidates, urging them to support the casino industry or lose the […]

    Casinos Send Letter to Presidential Candidates: Take a Stand in Support of Gaming

    Washington, D.C. – If presidential candidates want to win votes in Nevada, they should learn the ins-and-outs of modern casino gaming, a $53 billion Nevada industry that supports 425,000 Nevada jobs, says American Gaming Association (AGA) President and CEO Geoff Freeman in a letter to declared and likely candidates today who have demonstrated an interest in competing in Nevada. […]

    The Observer: Illegal gambling major problem in Texas

    Law enforcement continues to shut down illegal game rooms in Texas and all over the nation. There is an estimated 100,000-150,000 “8-liner” and illegal slot machines in the state of Texas alone. With the illegal gaming brings violent crimes and dangerous situations. “We know these kind of establishments bring out more criminal activity to our […]

    MassLive: American Gaming Association taps former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis for illegal gambling panel

    Former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis has been tapped to serve on a newly formed Illegal Gambling Advisory Board as part of the American Gaming Association’s “Stop Illegal Gambling – Play it Safe” initiative.  The five-member panel includes Davis, the Hub’s police commissioner from 2006-2013, and four other former ranking law enforcement officials. The board held its first meeting […]

    Las Vegas Review-Journal: Casinos say proposal for reporting IRS winnings unworkable

    When the Internal Revenue Service floated the idea of lowering the threshold for tax-reportable winnings from slot machines, the reaction from thousands of gamblers was a collective “Give us a break!” At an IRS public hearing Wednesday, the comments were a bit more formal. But a handful of casino executives, industry officials and tribal representatives delivered much […]

    Las Vegas Review-Journal: EDITORIAL: Keep IRS out of reward programs

    And now, something all Southern Nevadans can get behind: preventing more unwanted, costly IRS intrusion. Today in Washington, the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service will hold a long-awaited public hearing on the tax agency’s plan to reduce the reporting threshold for slot, keno and bingo winnings. Under current IRS regulations, casinos must report […]

    American Gaming Association President & CEO Geoff Freeman Testifies at IRS Hearing on Gaming Proposal

    Washington, D.C. – Today, American Gaming Association’s (AGA) president and CEO Geoff Freeman testified at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) hearing on the proposed rules regarding electronic player tracking regulations using player loyalty cards for tax reporting purposes.   Read AGA’s IRS hearing testimony as prepared for delivery The industry’s greatest concern, Freeman said, is that the proposal […]