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    American Gaming Association Announces Cutting-Edge Policy Resource

    Press Release
    December 17, 2014

    Washington, DC –As part of its ongoing “Get to Know Gaming” campaign, the American Gaming Association (AGA) today released a first-of-its-kind resource to allow stakeholders, policymakers, regulators and gaming journalists to easily compare commercial gaming regulations for each state.

    The online database, called “By the Book,” is accessible through an interactive, easy-to-use map on GamingBytheBook.org. It aggregates and explains the regulatory and statutory requirements for the gaming industry in five key areas: regulatory oversight; licensing; taxation; responsible gaming; and integrity.

    “Commercial gaming operators and manufacturers face a complex regulatory environment unlike any other industry,” said Geoff Freeman, AGA president and chief executive officer. “The AGA is paving the way for forward-thinking policy that encourages innovation through our ‘Get to Know Gaming’ campaign, and this interactive database allows for easy navigation and comparisons of the nuanced and varied laws and regulations governing commercial gaming.”

    “From a regulator’s perspective, this is a valuable tool that, for the first time, compiles key information in one place from a trusted source,” said Mark Lipparelli, gaming consultant and former Nevada Gaming Control Board Chairman. “This will help regulators across the country do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.”

    The interactive, easy-to-use database—which aggregates key information in one place for the first time—includes details on the following five key areas:

    • Regulatory oversight
      • Governing body
    • Licensing
      • Operator
      • Supplier
      • Key employee
      • Costs/fees per license
      • Renewal frequency
    • Taxation
      • Gaming tax rate
      • How taxes are reinvested
      • Taxation of promotional credits
      • Withholding tax on gambling winnings
    • Responsible gaming
      • Statutory funding requirement
      • Self-exclusion (including laws punishing excluded players from entering casinos)
      • Alcohol use
      • Advertising restrictions
      • On-premise display requirement
      • Prevention of underage gambling
    • Integrity
      • Testing requirements
      • Anti-money laundering requirements
      • Shipping requirements
      • Political contributions

    “Get to Know Gaming” is the gaming industry’s most aggressive effort ever to promote the value of the gaming industry, combat outdated stereotypes and pave the way for policies that encourage innovation.

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