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    AGA Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering


    AGA Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering

    March 28, 2023

    AGA Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering
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    Questions about the Code or the compliance process can be directed to Joe Maloney, AGA CCRB Liaison.

    Legal sports betting offers fans the opportunity to engage with their favorite teams and sports in new and exciting ways. Sports wagering is an entertainment activity that should be consumed only by responsible adults and marketed accordingly to that audience.

    The advertising and marketing of sports betting informs consumers about the types of wagering options and the terms on which they are available. In doing so, they support competition, multiply consumer choice, and can encourage consumer loyalty. Because legalized wagering on sporting contests is a relatively new activity in most states, the American Gaming Association (AGA) is extending its compliance commitments to answer fresh concerns that might arise with it. The Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering sets an industry standard for the marketing and advertising of sports wagering services.

    Specifically, the code includes self-imposed restrictions on target audiences, outlets, and materials branding, while mandating the inclusion of responsible gaming in marketing activities. The tenets of the code apply to traditional and digital media marketing activities for both AGA members and non-members.

    Code Compliance

    The code outlines the enforcement and compliance process, which provides the opportunity for any member of the public to submit a complaint.

    If you wish to send a complaint to a sports betting operator, please fill out the complaint form. Your complaint will be reviewed for completeness and relevance before being forwarded to the operator, who will contact you with a response.

    This self-regulated, industry-wide program is overseen by the Code Compliance Review Board (CCRB), consisting of two independent co-chairs and five AGA member representatives who each serve three-year terms.

    Becky Harris, Distinguished Fellow in Gaming, UNLV International Gaming Institute
    Dr. Jennifer Shatley, Founder and Principal Consultant at Logan Avenue Consulting LLC and Consulting Partner for the Responsible Gambling Council

    Member Representatives
    Jen Aguiar, Chief Compliance Officer, DraftKings
    Stephen Martino, Senior Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer, MGM Resorts International
    Paul Pellizzari, Vice President, Global Social Responsibility, Hard Rock
    Chris Soriano, Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer, PENN Entertainment
    Andrew Sneyd, Senior Vice President, Brand Marketing, FanDuel

    Code Updates

    On March 28, 2023, the AGA, in collaboration with our members, announced updates to the Code to evolve industry advertising standards in tandem with the maturation of the legal sports betting market by:

    • Enhancing protections for college-aged audiences by:
      • Prohibiting college partnerships that promote, market or advertise sports wagering activity (other than to alumni networks or content focused on RG initiatives or problem gambling awareness).
      • Prohibiting sportsbook NIL deals for amateur and college athletes.
    • Adding age restrictions (21+) for any individual featured in sports betting advertising.
    • Changing all references in the Code to the “legal age of wagering” to 21-plus.
    • Banning all use of “risk free” in advertising.
    • Formalizing an annual process for reviewing and updating the Code.

    Read full details here.

    Resolved Complaints

    The AGA will regularly post summaries of all resolved complaints to this page. The Complainant is provided the option to remain anonymous; in such cases, only the substance of the complaint will be made public.

    • “Can’t Lose Parlay”: January 15, 2021. Summary of Code Complaint – 2/22/21 to 3/26/21.  Read Summary