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    The Perils and Benefits of Distributed Gaming

    International Masters of Gaming Law 2021

    The Perils and Benefits of Distributed Gaming

    Boston, MA
    Industry Events, AGA Featured Speakers
    Industry Events, AGA Featured Speakers.
    September 16, 2021 | 9:30 AM ET

    Traditionally gaming machines were in casinos or were illegal. Now we are in a world where gaming machines are appearing in gas stations, restaurants, and lodges in states where they are legal. But they are also appearing in the same locations where the games are illegal or where the law is somewhat vague as to their status. This panel will address how to regulate gaming machines outside of the casino floor, the legal challenges to the gray and black-market machines, and the way forward as the market continues to change.

    Featured AGA Speaker:
    Jess Feil

    Jess Feil
    Vice President, Government Relations and Gaming Policy Counsel