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    American Attitudes on Casino Gaming 2022

    Responsible Gaming Awareness is Nearly Universal Among American Gamblers

    American Attitudes on Casino Gaming 2022

    September 7, 2022

    As gaming continues to expand into new states and verticals, Americans continue to appreciate the benefits and excitement of legal, regulated gaming. New AGA research shows that 42 percent of American adults participated in some form of gambling in the past year, while casino visitation rebounded to 34% of Americans, up from 28% in 2021.

    The AGA’s annual survey of Americans’ attitudes towards gaming shows that two-thirds of Americans recognize gaming’s economic impact: 64% say that gaming has a positive impact on the U.S. economy and 66% say that the gaming industry is a source of high-quality jobs.

    In addition to the well-understood economic benefits that come with legal gaming, the industry’s ongoing investment in responsible gaming continues to resonate with gaming consumers. Eighty-seven percent of past-year gamblers (participated in land-based or online casino gaming or sports betting) are aware of at least one responsible gaming resource and nearly half (45%) noted an uptick in the volume of responsible gaming information over the past 12 months. Awareness is slightly higher among sports bettors, with 92 percent of past-year bettors being familiar with at least one responsible gaming tool and 51 percent having seen or heard more responsible gaming information in the past year.

    Overall, 82 percent of past-year gamblers (and 92% of past-year sports bettors) recall seeing or hearing about responsible gaming in the past year.

    • Sports bettors and iGamers most often recall seeing responsible gaming information on casino or sportsbook websites or apps, as well as on online/social media
    • In-person casino gamblers most often see such information on online/social media, signs/posters in a casino area and radio or television ads.

    In addition to nearly universal awareness of responsible gaming tools, a large majority (73%) of past-year gamblers (82% of past-year sports bettors) view those tools as effective.

    As a result of the widespread awareness of responsible gaming resources and confidence in their efficacy, 73% of past-year gamblers (81% of past-year sports bettors) agree that the industry is committed to encouraging responsible gaming and combatting problem gambling.

    Other notable findings
    Legal operators

    Gamblers recognize the importance of betting with legal operators:

    89% of past-year land-based casino gamblers say it’s very or somewhat important that the casino where they gamble is legal and regulated

    89% of past-year sports bettors say it’s very or somewhat important that the sportsbooks where they place their wager is legal and regulated

    84% of past-year iGamers say it’s very or somewhat important that the online casino platform where they gamble is legal and regulated

    Knowing the Odds

    76% of past-year gamblers say it’s important to them to understand the house advantage or the odds of the games they play

    Community Partner

    66% of Americans say the gaming industry behaves responsibly in the communities where it operates.

    Kantar, on behalf of the American Gaming Association, conducted an online survey August 17-23, 2022 among a nationally representative sample of 2,000 American voters aged 21 and over related to responsible gaming and industry perceptions. The margin of error is +/- 2 percent and greater among subgroups.