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    American Attitudes on Casino Gaming 2021

    American Favorability Toward Gaming Grows as Industry Expands

    American Attitudes on Casino Gaming 2021

    September 20, 2021

    Americans’ favorability toward gaming is growing as the industry expands to new geographies and verticals, according to AGA research.

    On a community level, nearly 7 in 10 Americans believe the gaming industry behaves responsibly and a majority (57%) believe the industry gives back in the communities where it operates. And on an economic level, two-thirds of adults view the industry as a positive economic contributor that provides high-quality jobs.

    Because of Americans’ positive perceptions of gaming, consumers are also in favor of gaming’s expansion, with 73 percent of adults supporting legalized sports betting in their state.

    The gaming industry’s responsible gaming efforts are also continuing to resonate,  with the number of Americans who say the industry is committed to responsible gaming increasing by nearly 40 percent since 2018. Moreover, nearly 80 percent of past-year gamblers are aware of industry-provided responsible gaming resources, and of this group, three-quarters point to specific measures like deposit limits, casino employee training, and time limits as most effective.

    Read the full American Attitudes 2021 factsheet.

    “We are a committed, responsible partner and economic driver in communities across the country. Because of this, we’ve risen from the most devastating period in our history and embarked on a record-setting comeback. As legal gaming expands to new geographies and verticals, everyone engaged with legal gaming must work together to grow responsibly—our collective success depends on it.” - AGA President and CEO Bill Miller