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    Anti-Human Trafficking

    The AGA and the gaming industry are committed to combatting human trafficking in all its forms. By educating employees and guests about its most common indicators, and by working with law enforcement and other partners, casinos can and will make an impact in eradicating this form of modern-day slavery. The AGA Anti-Human Trafficking Task force is comprised of member representatives with expertise in security, hospitality, anti-money laundering compliance, legal and other specialized sectors of our industry.

    Resource Guide Preventing and Combatting Human Trafficking in the Gaming Industry

    Traffickers take advantage of legitimate industries and supply chains to find, exploit and traffic victims. This is especially true for the travel and tourism industry—including casino gaming. Human trafficking may be linked to other illegal enterprises such as narcotics or firearm trafficking, terrorist organizations and money laundering.

    The AGA recognizes the gaming industry has a moral and legal obligation to ensure that our customers and employees are in a safe environment acting of their own free will, and to take meaningful steps to identify and prevent human trafficking. Awareness, due diligence, and training are critical to protecting vulnerable individuals and keeping criminal activities out of our industry.

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    AGA's Preventing and Combatting Human Trafficking in the Gaming Industry