• These values represent our founder’s legacy and our Company’s future. My pledge is to carry our ESG commitment forward and aim to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders.” – Robert Goldstein, Chairman and CEO

    Advancing Sustainability

    Sands has undertaken a multi-pronged approach to addressing energy, climate change, water and waste as key initiatives for the award-winning Sands ECO360 global sustainability program.

    Lowering Carbon Emissions

    In 2020, Sands exceeded its greenhouse gas emissions reduction target one year ahead of schedule, achieving 38.4 percent and 92.0 percent reductions for resort and ferry operations respectively. Additionally, all properties increased their purchase of renewable energy credits (RECs) to provide more emission-free electricity. The Company’s science-based carbon reduction targets are in line with the Paris Agreement, and overall reporting of energy and climate change initiatives are guided by the Task Force of Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). Sands’ latest science-based target, approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative, is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 17.5 percent by 2025.

    Reducing Resource Consumption & Waste

    Beyond the use of RECs, the Company’s energy strategy focuses on reducing resource consumption through on-site energy generation and employment of energy efficient technologies. Initiatives such as the installation of solar panels on property structures and incorporating sustainable energy alternatives has made Sands a leader in environmentally responsible business operations. For example, 91 percent of light bulbs used at Sands resorts in 2020 were LED.

    In the area of water conservation, Sands created the innovative Drop by Drop Project with Clean the World to invest funding from the Company’s internal water savings into water initiatives in its local communities.

    Reducing waste in all facets of the business is also a key priority for Sands. Highlights include implementing a comprehensive food waste reduction strategy, including the use of artificial intelligence to address food overproduction; creation of innovative recycling programs such as the first resort-based PPE recycling program; and continued focus on eliminating, replacing, re-using and recycling single-use plastics.

    Sands ECO360

    The Sands ECO360 global sustainability program drives Sands’ environmental strategy through three initiatives: green buildings, responsible operations and green meetings and events. The program works to minimize Sands’ environmental impact and uphold its responsibility to the planet.

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    Strengthening Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

    Enhancing DEI Strategy

    In 2020, Sands introduced a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Charter, updated its diversity statements in board guidelines and increased transparency in DEI reporting through the Company’s ESG report. These accomplishments established a firm foundation to guide the Company’s next phase of initiatives in this area.

    Accelerating DEI Engagement

    From implementing a mentorship program for team members from diverse backgrounds to analyzing procurement spend and setting new targets for supplier diversity, Sands introduced new avenues to accelerate its DEI focus.

    Addressing Social Justice Issues

    In June 2020, Sands held a series of town hall sessions to provide open discussion on racial justice events, followed by a survey and focus groups to ensure the DEI issues most important to team members were being addressed. Strengthening external commitments to removing systemic barriers to advancement is also a Sands priority, recently providing $400,000 in new Sands Cares funding for nonprofits serving diverse groups.

    Sands has invested in several DEI community partners this year, including a $163,000 contribution to The LGBTQ Center to help expand their clinic and a $75,000 donation to help the Asian Community Development Council establish an in-language client success advocacy program.

    Investing in Communities

    Spurring Economic Development

    Sands’ presence around the globe brings a variety of economic benefits to its host communities. Cumulative global development investment in its regions is more than $23 billion, with an annual procurement spend of $2.7 billion and creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs annually. Most importantly, the Company is committed to keeping communities strong by being a catalyst for local business opportunity, investing in educational programs to support a thriving local workforce and helping solve its communities’ most pressing challenges.

    Delivering in Times of Crisis

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sands has provided $3.1 million in financial aid, 167,289 pounds of food to relief organizations and more than 3.1 million pieces of PPE, as well as COVID test kits, to medical personnel, schools and first responders.

    Expanding Educational Opportunities

    At the higher education level, Sands’ support includes partnership with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on the Sands Center for Professional Development, grants for students at the Singapore Institute of Technology and funding for hospitality programs at Macao universities. At the K-12 level, Sands created an innovative Sands Cares partnership with educational nonprofit Nevada Succeeds to connect Nevada educators with the high-performance practices of the world-renowned Singapore educational system. Sands also partners with a variety of organizations on mentorship and other support programs to aid underserved students.

    Addressing Critical Community Needs

    Around the globe, the Sands Cares community engagement program works to address social issues and support vulnerable populations. The Sands Cares accelerator program provides guidance, mentorship and financial investment for nonprofits. In the U.S., Sands Cares spearheads the Company’s role as one of the Las Vegas region’s most prominent advocates for action on the homelessness crisis. Sands and Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth co-founded the Movement to End Youth Homelessness and the Southern Nevada Youth Homelessness Summit. Sands Cares has partnered with Clean the World to establish a mobile shower unit, which has provided more than 23,000 showers and 28,500 hygiene kits, along with a range of services and resources, to aid homeless and at-risk populations since its inception in 2017.

    Responsible Leadership

    Protecting & Empowering Consumers

    Sands Project Protect safeguards guests and team members by establishing lasting solutions to promote responsible gaming practices, prevent financial crimes and provide countertrafficking measures. Sands’ goal is to lead the industry in executing policies and procedures that not only meet but also exceed government regulations in these areas.

    Rigorous Standards and Training

    Las Vegas Sands prides itself in having one of the most educated workforces in the industry when it comes to responsible gaming. All Sands team members undergo annual responsible gaming training. One of the Company’s industry-leading initiatives is its Responsible Gaming Ambassador Program, in which ambassadors are trained to direct guests that ask for help or appear to need help to responsible gaming resources. Ambassadors are stationed on casino floors 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Partnering in Research and Advocacy

    In its communities around the world, Sands maintains a strong partnership with local problem gambling and recovery organizations to guide its efforts and ensure the Company remains on the forefront of responsible gaming practices. Sands is also the largest contributor to the International Center for Responsible Gaming.

    Responsible Gaming & COVID-19

    As resorts welcomed back guests after pandemic shutdowns, Sands took additional measures to monitor for increases in gambling behavior stemming from pandemic-related financial stress and personal hardship. Sands implemented additional prevention protocols, undertook pandemic-specific awareness and training activities to educate team members and made new self-limit forms available to guests.

    Amplifying its awareness efforts, Sands addressed the intersection of COVID-19 and responsible gaming in its programming for the AGA’s Responsible Gaming Education Week and Responsible Gaming Ambassador training at properties worldwide.

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