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    Sports Betting Consumer Study

    Large-Scale Study of Current and Future Sports Bettors' Awareness, Perception and Participation in the Legal and Illegal Sports Betting Markets

    Sports Betting Consumer Study

    March 29, 2019

    The AGA has conducted what we believe to be the largest and most comprehensive survey of consumer sports betting behavior to date. That research, “Current and Future Sports Betting Behavior Post-PASPA,” was designed to shed light on Americans’ knowledge and opinions of sports betting and to gain insight into the behaviors, preferences and expectations of current and potential sports bettors.

    Among the findings:

    • 39% of adult Americans – about 100 million people – are either current or potential future sports bettors.
    • There is widespread uncertainty concerning the current legal landscape. In states where casino sports betting is legal, only 56% are aware that it is. Only 41% of Americans know that placing a bet with a bookie is illegal.
    • 46% of current sports bettors in newly legalized states report that legalization has led to an increase in sports betting frequency.
    • 63% of current sports bettors say they would either replace or use a different credit card if their payment card is not allowed to be used for sports betting.
    • The ability to place a sports bet securely is the most important factor when consumers consider future sports bets.
    • Two-thirds of current sports bettors are at least somewhat familiar with esports.

    The complete research is available to AGA members.

    This survey was conducted on behalf of the American Gaming Association by Heart + Mind Strategies between November and December 2018 and comprised a total sample of 6,777 interviews among 21+ year-old Americans of various subgroups.