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    A Note from the CEO: Kentucky “Skill Games” Ban

    Industry Update
    March 20, 2023

    Dear Colleagues,

    Today, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear signed HB594 into law, officially banning unregulated “skill” games throughout the Bluegrass State and notching a milestone victory for the legal gaming industry in our fight against illegal gambling. Kentucky is the first state to pass standalone legislation banning unregulated gambling machines and joins Virginia in taking proactive government action to eliminate these bad actors.

    This win is a testament to what we can accomplish when we unite as an industry behind a common cause—and the American Gaming Association will use it as a springboard to pursue similar success in states throughout the country.

    Not only do these machines harm communities, but they also pose an existential threat to our industry. Last year, Americans wagered $511 billion with unregulated machines and illegal sportsbooks and online casinos—costing communities more than $13 billion in tax revenue.

    Combating illegal gambling in all its forms remains one of AGA’s top priorities. We hope you will continue to join us in this fight.

    All the best,

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