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    A Note from the CEO: Read Bill Miller in USA Today

    Industry Update
    June 2, 2023

    A Note from the CEO

    In the five years since the end of the federal ban on sports betting, legal wagering’s expansion is well documented: 37 states and the District of Columbia now have legal sports betting and Americans have legally wagered $229 billion, generating more than $3 billion in state taxes.

    In recent months especially, policymakers, regulators, advocates and media have raised important conversations around responsible and problem gambling. These are discussions that the AGA and our members are eager to have. The reality is that the legal market is making sports betting safer for Americans, bolstering consumer education, and increasing funding for research and treatment.

    I wrote in USA Today this morning about why legal sports betting is benefiting Americans and outlined important next steps we can take to protect consumers:

    1. States must dedicate funding to advance responsible gaming education, problem gambling services and research.
    2. Stakeholders must continue to evolve commitments as the market matures—like our recent updates to the Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering.
    3. Rules need to allow for the promotion of a single, national helpline and anyone seeking help through this national resource should receive consistent, quality care.

    As the American sports betting market matures, the AGA and our members will continue to raise the bar to ensure the sustainability of this growing segment of our business.

    All the best,
    President and CEO


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