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    Wind Creek Hospitality

    “Wind Creek Properties have an opportunity and responsibility to take actions that contribute to healthy environments and vibrant communities where people enjoy fair opportunity to lead fulfilling lives. We take our corporate social responsibility into consideration in all of our jurisdictions, and continue to evolve our plans as more education, technology and advancements are made available to our organization.” –  Jay Dorris, President/CEO

    Advancing Sustainability

    Reducing Resource Consumption & Waste

    Wind Creek Hospitality is committed to minimizing environmental impact in the communities in which we operate. Wind Creek primarily uses low-energy lighting and appliances at its properties. At most properties, movement detectors have been installed for the lights to automatically turn off if the space is not occupied. The Company heavily explores the use of solar energy for potential expansion or installation. Extensive green and open space are a part of Wind Creek’s resorts design. Lighting is energy efficient and reduces nighttime light pollution.

    Low-flow fixtures are a preferred feature at Wind Creek properties. Landscape irrigation and cooling systems design take water efficiency into account. The Company is working on a recycling program and whenever possible uses environmentally friendly materials. Upcycling is also practiced to avoid materials reaching landfills. Further, equipment and materials at its properties meet high indoor air quality standards.

    Strengthening Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    Strengthening Employee DEI

    Wind Creek’s progress in employing a diverse workforce results from effective training and recognition programs: 51 percent of U.S. properties’ employees are minorities, of whom 43 percent hold supervisory positions. Fifty-two percent of the U.S. workforce are women, of whom 44 percent are supervisors.

    Engaging Diverse Suppliers and Vendors

    Wind Creek has a proven track record of supporting minority and local businesses and will continue maximizing participation of women- and minority-owned businesses in all aspects of the Company’s development and long-term success.

    From construction and maintenance of a property to its business suppliers and partners, Wind Creek focuses on finding opportunities for local and minority-owned businesses. We work in good faith with the local community to use commercially reasonable efforts to engage (or cause contractors to engage) qualified local residents and businesses for contracting, subcontracting and servicing opportunities relating to the development, construction and ongoing operation, including veterans, women and minorities. 

    Investing in Communities

    Addressing Critical Community Needs

    As the gaming arm of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians (the “Tribe”), Wind Creek provides critical revenues to support many benefits and programs for not only its tribal members but also its surrounding communities. Primarily due to Wind Creek’s revenues, the Tribe is also able to provide various benefits and programs for tribal members, including education, health and general welfare assistance.

    Both the Tribe and Wind Creek maintain a reputation as “A Good Neighbor” within each community where they operate, staying active in each community. The Tribe is a generous contributor and frequent partner with many local governments and organizations. In addition to providing funds and donations to food banks, hospitals and family centers, the Tribe supports local schools, first responders, recreational facilities, museums and the arts.

    Since 2013, the Tribe and Wind Creek have donated more than $85 million into community organizations and initiatives. In 2020-2021, Wind Creek made donations to organizations, programs and support groups in the communities in which it operates, with a particular focus on COVID-19 related relief, family centers, local education at the secondary and tertiary levels and local parks and museums.

    Responsible Leadership

    Protecting and Empowering Customers

    Wind Creek maintains a “universal ban” for patron bans and voluntary self-exclusions in its player tracking database, which extends to all its domestic and international properties and its interactive gaming operations.

    All Wind Creek property and interactive gaming websites include problem gaming links and hotlines, and responsible gaming signage is posted in numerous places throughout each of the Company’s properties. Wind Creek also incorporates any state self-exclusion or banned patron lists into its database to the extent technologically feasible.

    Training Employees

    All team members receive training on Responsible Gaming as part of new hire orientation and on an annual basis.

    Investing in Research and Partnering with Advocacy Groups

    Wind Creek also takes seriously its responsibility to educate the community about gambling and alcohol addiction. The Company funds the Alabama Council on Compulsive Gambling. Wind Creek also regularly consults and works with local Councils on Problem Gambling with respect to training of team members and any specific issues that arise.

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