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    Sightline Payments

    “At Sightline, we have a commitment to running a responsible and equitable business. With 50 percent of our C-suite being women, our commitments to local Nevada charities, our leadership on responsible gaming, and our focus on developing software solutions as opposed to hardware solutions, we believe in leading by example for the gaming industry.” -Omer Sattar, Co-CEO

    Advancing Sustainability 

    Lowering Carbon Emissions

    The gaming industry, particularly its suppliers, is traditionally very focused on physical assets. One of Sightline’s primary goals is to develop software solutions to replace hardware in the gaming industry. This includes efforts to advance cashless solutions in casinos – reducing the associated carbon emissions that come from utilizing cash. Sightline has also developed mobile apps that replace much of the functionality that loyalty kiosks provide today with none of the hardware. The shift from physical to digital assets has the potential to help dramatically reduce its carbon footprint. Additionally, 45 percent of Sightline’s workforce is fully remote with those employees significantly reducing its carbon footprint by not having a daily commute.

    Strengthening Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    Strengthening Employee DEI

    Sightline prides itself on being one of the most diverse companies doing business in the gaming industry. Its C-suite and overall workforce is more than 40 percent women, and the Company has diverse leaders at every level of the organization.

    Sightline’s goal is to ensure that its organization has roughly a 50/50 split of men and women. Both the gaming and the financial services industries have traditionally skewed more male. The Company hired a recruiter to attract diverse candidates and help ensure diverse representation in the hiring process and, ultimately, the organization.

    Investing in Communities

    Addressing Critical Community Needs

    Sightline’s charitable giving to Nevada charities includes Keep Memory Alive – Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, Boy Scouts of America – Las Vegas, Tyler Robinson Foundation, and Go Red for Women.

    Responsible Leadership

    Investing in Research and Partnering with Advocacy Groups

    As a payments leader, Sightline partners extensively with responsible gaming and problem gambling organizations. Using Sightline’s extensive payments data generated by nearly 1.5 million cardholders, the Company can identify new, innovative ways to ensure that patrons responsibly transfer funds from their Play+ accounts into a wagering account.

    In 2021, Sightline enhanced its responsible gaming partnerships with industry leaders to ensure that payments companies are key players in discussing important responsible gaming safeguards. In addition to its National Council on Problem Gambling membership, Sightline is a donor to the International Center for Responsible Gaming. The Company was the first payments supplier to join AGA’s Have A Game Plan.® public service campaign as well as Conscious Gaming’s PlayPause effort, which provides tools to allow for multi-state self-exclusion.

    Sightline also was the lead sponsor of the first Player Protection Summit and focuses on ways to drive key responsible gaming efforts focused on consumers.

    UNLV Payments Collaborative

    In late 2020, Sightline, along with fellow AGA member Global Payments, helped establish the Payments Collaborative, a research endeavor led by the University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV) through their International Gaming Institute. The collaborative is designed to analyze payments data to help determine how deposit information from anonymized customers can identify potential problem gambling behavior. As cashless gaming options have expanded at casinos nationally, many responsible gaming and problem gambling advocates have expressed a desire for more research conducted on how digital payment options impact a customer’s ability to wager responsibly. This research will help inform how customers are using these emerging payment options and help identify potential markers of harm in customer behavior.

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