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    Global Payments

    Advancing Sustainability

    Lowering Carbon Emissions

    Global Payments has set a goal to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. The Company will measure and determine a baseline for Scope 1 and 2 emissions, along with relevant Scope 3 emissions, by 2022.

    As part of Global Payments’ efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, the Company is working to lower data center emissions through a number of initiatives, including moving workloads to more energy efficient data centers.

    Global Payments has taken steps to reduce the impact of its offices through a number of efforts. All Global Payments offices in the U.S. and the majority of its international offices are located close to public transit. Global Payments also installed electric vehicle charging stations within the grounds of its Columbus campus and UK offices. Global Payments’ Future of Work initiative provides employees with tools that enable enhanced capabilities to work from home while reducing the need for face-to-face meetings, travel, and office commuting, lowering carbon emissions as a result. Overall, these initiatives have reduced travel by 30 percent, making a significant impact in the Company’s overall carbon footprint.

    Strengthening Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    Increase Board and Management Diversity

    Global Payments has established an Inclusion and Diversity Advisory Council (I&D), chaired by the President and Chief Operating Officer. It consists of a representative group of team members worldwide who provide insight and input on Global Payments’ DEI initiatives, including its strategy to increase representation of women and minorities at leadership levels in the Company.

    Global Payments aims to increase women in leadership to 49 percent and people of color in leadership to 29 percent by 2025.

    Strengthen Employee DEI

    Global Payments’ DEI initiatives are striving to increase the diversity of its workforce by 15 percent. Numerous ongoing programs include recruiting oversight, unconscious bias training and worldwide networking events. Unconscious bias training engages associates worldwide to educate on existing biases and recognition that those biases shouldn’t impact business decision making.

    In 2020, Global Payments held its first DEI Celebration Week and introduced its Conversations of Understanding Series, intended to bring race-related topics to the forefront.

    The Company launched the Onyx Network for Black team members and their allies and developed partnerships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

    Investing in Communities

    Delivering in Times of Crisis

    In 2020, Global Payments supported a range of organizations involved in COVID relief efforts, including the American Red Cross, Feeding America, the NC Restaurant Workers Relief Fund and the United Way, among others. The Company also gifted riverfront property in Columbus to the Mercer School of Medicine to help further medical education.

    Expanding Education and Career Opportunities

    Global Payments supports higher education for its associates’ families by providing scholarships.

    Global Payments’ team in Manila, Philippines collected over 140,000 Philippine pesos and donated more than 40 tablets and laptops to Tulay Tuloy Eskwela, an NGO that seeks to make education possible and accessible to all Filipino children.

    Addressing Critical Community Needs

    In 2020, Global Payments donated nearly $7 million to organizations that have touched the lives of its employees and community members, including the United Way and Healing Fund, the Susan B. Komen National Breast Cancer Foundation and the American Heart Association.
    Global Payments designates two days a year as days of service. In 2021, Global Payments team members participated in service projects and made donations worldwide, partnering with local nonprofits and NGOs from the Philippines to India to Indiana.

    Netspend CARES, a Global Payments Company, engages in a number of volunteer and charitable efforts, including Feeding America, the Asha Deep Foundation and Housing Opportunities for Musicians & Entertainers.

    Global Payments also contributes to supporting under-represented communities, and through its Social Justice and Equality Fund is committing to an ongoing charitable giving plan to fight systematic racism.

    Responsible Leadership

    Protecting and Empowering Customers

    Global Payments has implemented a Gambling Intervention system across its platform of products and services that allows players to self-exclude and set their own limits. It enables patrons to quickly and easily establish personal guidelines that can work across all operators and channels to provide them with assurances that their personal needs are being fulfilled.

    Investing in research and partnering with advocacy groups

    Global Payments has built an integrated ecosystem that supports responsibility across operators and channels. Global Payments was a founding partner of the UNLV Collaborative on Cashless Gaming’s Impact of Responsible Gaming and is a member of the National Council on Problem Gaming. The UNLV Research Collaborative on Responsible and Cashless Gaming Solutions will work to provide a scientific, data-driven foundation for policymakers and regulators to make sound decisions in the future. The Company invests time and resources to provide innovative solutions that support responsible gaming, including partnering with the AGA’s Have A Game Plan.® Bet Responsibly.™ Campaign.

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