Aristocrat: Using Technology To Support Responsible Gaming

Aristocrat(1) is committed to using its prominence in the industry to lead by example and support responsible gaming both in physical sites and online.

Customers, regulators, and other stakeholders contribute to the development of the company’s policies in this area and support those who need help.

The company invests in technologies that encourage responsible gaming and play and funds independent research, working with regulators, industry bodies on two continents, a coalition of researchers, and a university research center.  Internally, the company maintains a working group to develop and oversee initiatives in this area from design, marketing, and sales to compliance and legal counsel.  The company seeks to support measures on responsible gaming that can be outlined in technical standards to ensure compliance and that are affordable and viable for operators and for the gamers who use the technology.  This commitment extends to training employees on principles of responsible gaming, including for their own gaming.  This introduction and education will move to an online format in 2019, which will be mandatory for all employees of the company.

Similarly, for gamers, the company is developing individualized information that goes beyond regulatory requirements, helping gamers understand how gaming machines work and information about the games and chances of winning.