Pres. Obama to Discuss Jobs in Michigan on Heels of New Report Showing Casino Gaming Supporting 17K Jobs in the State

Detroit Free Press: Casino tax revenues have become an essential part of the City of Detroit’s fiscal planning in recent years

Press Release | 01.07.2015

Washington, DC – President Obama’s speech today in Michigan about jobs comes on the heels of a new report showing that casino gaming supports more than 17,000 jobs and nearly $900 million in employee income in the state. The study, conducted by Oxford Economics, also shows Michigan’s three commercial casinos, all located in Detroit, generate nearly $3 billion in economic activity.

The Detroit Free Press, which wrote that “casino tax revenues have become an essential part of the City of Detroit's fiscal planning in recent years,” wrote about the jobs report over the weekend. A few highlights from the article include:

  •       “Without those jobs, Michigan's unemployment rate would rise by about 1 percentage point.”
  •       “The commercial casino industry in Michigan supports approximately one out of every 239 jobs statewide.”
  •       The commercial gaming industry generated approximately $730 million in total tax revenues.” 



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