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    U.S. Gaming Industry Engages Japanese Diet as Casino Expansion Gains Momentum

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    April 30, 2015

    Washington, DC – On the heels of new Japanese legislation to legalize casinos, the American Gaming Association welcomed Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and members of the Diet to Washington, DC. The AGA is playing a leading role in informing lawmakers about the casino industry and its potential role in Japanese economic and tourism development, including hosting a May 1 informational briefing in Washington for Diet members and a May 18 roundtable discussion with reporters in Tokyo. These events follow an early April briefing of Japanese reporters in New York City. 

    “AGA is serving as a critical resource for Japanese influencers and decision makers on the positive role that casino gaming has played in the United States and other global markets,” said Geoff Freeman, president and CEO of the American Gaming Association. “Casino gaming is a proven mechanism for attracting tourists, strengthening local economies and strengthening communities. We welcome Prime Minister Abe and members of the Diet to Washington this week and look forward to sharing gaming’s compelling story.”

    The AGA is emphasizing three key area of interest to the Japanese and other developing markets: the economic benefits of casinos, anti-money laundering efforts and the industry’s commitment to responsible gaming.

    According to Oxford Economics, gaming in the U.S. is a $240 billion industry that supports 1.7 million jobs and generates $38 billion in taxes. The industry also provides a path to the middle class for workers of all backgrounds and experiences by offering opportunities in more than 200 different careers.

    Last December, the AGA released a first-ever comprehensive set of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Best Practices to guide the efforts of casinos to protect the U.S. financial system and national security from money laundering and other forms of illicit finance. The AGA’s Best Practices for Anti-Money Laundering Compliance are the result of more than a year of work to identify and enhance industry guidelines, which were developed in coordination with the federal government’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

    Responsible gaming is an issue of prime importance to the gaming industry. Since the establishment of the AGA, its member companies and their employees have committed to making responsible gaming a priority. The industry has dedicated millions of dollars to scientific, peer-reviewed research on gambling disorders and publishes informational resources on responsible gaming for casino companies and patrons.

    Earlier this month, the AGA hosted a roundtable discussion with Japanese reporters based in New York City. The forum featured discussion of the casino landscape in the United States and experts who spoke on the economic benefits of gaming, the industry’s commitment to anti-money laundering practices, the importance of responsible gaming and the value of casinos a community partners.

    About AGA: The American Gaming Association is the premier national trade group representing the $240 billion U.S. casino industry, which supports 1.7 million jobs in 40 states.  AGA members include commercial and tribal casino operators, suppliers and other entities affiliated with the gaming industry.  It is the mission of the AGA to be the single most effective champion of the industry, relentlessly protecting against harmful and often misinformed public policies, and paving a pathway for growth, innovation and reinvestment.



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