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    Study: Casinos contributed $53 billion to Nevada economy last year

    December 10, 2014

    Nevada casinos contributed $53 billion to the state economy in 2013, according to the gaming industry’s Washington, D.C.-based trade association.

    The American Gaming Association today announced the results of an Oxford Economics study that measured the economic impact of Nevada’s gaming industry. In addition to the general contribution to the economy, the study found that Nevada casinos supported about 425,000 jobs, more than $18.8 billion in income and that they generated $7.9 billion in tax revenues to local, state and federal governments.

    “The research reveals a vast industry that boosts local communities across Nevada by supporting jobs and generating customers for businesses,” said Oxford Economics director Adam Sack in a press release announcing the results. “The industry also supports a wide range of government services in the state.​”

    The $53 billion economic impact figure includes direct impact such as casino revenue, indirect impact such as the effect on third-party services hired by casinos and induced impacts from casino employees spending their wages.

    Nevada casinos’ direct economic output was about $30.6 billion in 2013, according to the study.

    The results follow a broader study the association released during the industry’s Global Gaming Expo Sept. 30. That study found that the overall U.S. gaming industry contributed $240 billion to the economy, supported 1.7 million jobs and generated $38 billion in tax revenues.

    The results are also part of the association’s “Get to Know Gaming” campaign, which seeks to promote the industry’s positive impacts to Americans.

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