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    Senate Stalls Effort to Curb Frivolous, Costly Patent Litigation Disappointment to Gaming Industry

    Press Release
    May 21, 2014

    Washington — American Gaming Association (AGA) Vice President of Government Relations Whitaker Askew issued the following statement on today’s decision to remove patent reform legislation, from the Senate Judiciary Committee’s agenda:

    “Today’s decision to indefinitely stall progress toward achieving meaningful patent litigation reform is not only disappointing, but is a step backward that will harm millions of American businesses.
    “Today, unfortunately only the patent trolls win – and the U.S. casino gaming industry, along with the millions of other businesses that serve as our nation’s economic engine, will continue to fall victim to the abusive, frivolous and costly litigation asserted by patent trolls.
    “Without reasonable legislation that once-and-for-all curbs frivolous patent litigation, main street American businesses will continue to feel unnecessary pain. Looking ahead, the American Gaming Association will continue the fight to help rein in such practices that serve as a hindrance to economic growth, innovation and job creation.”

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