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    Gaming’s Quarter of a Trillion Dollar Impact on the U.S. Economy

    September 30, 2014

    Oxford’s study is the first-ever to analyze data from U.S. commercial casinos, tribal casinos and gaming equipment manufacturers, presenting the most comprehensive assessment undertaken of the gaming industry’s economic impact. The study was released by the American Gaming Association as part of its Get to Know Gaming campaign.

    The gaming industry is a critical component of the U.S. economy. Nearly 1,000 casinos operate in 39 states. Americans have embraced gaming and spend more money enjoying the entertainment options casinos offer than they spend on spectator sports like football, baseball, basketball and soccer combined. 

    As total casino gaming revenues have reached historic highs, so have total wages paid to casino employees. In order for the gaming industry to continue serving as an economic catalyst, policymakers must work with industry leaders to create policy environments that enable their communities to better compete with other markets, and that help to maximize gaming’s ability to innovate, reinvest and contribute to local communities. 

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