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    Facts about Casino Gaming in Atlantic City

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    August 28, 2014

    While the Atlantic City gaming market faces challenges today as it adapts to increased competition from surrounding states, it is important not to forget the truly significant contributions gaming has made to the city, county and state since the first casino opened its doors in 1978.

    • Casino gaming has generated $9.3 billion in tax revenue for essential services.
      • Billions in tax revenue have supported programs for the local school budget, health care services for senior citizens and the disabled, and the Atlantic County budget.
      • Casinos in Atlantic City generated more than $241 million in tax revenue last year alone. 
      • Despite today’s challenging economic environment, Atlantic City’s casinos will continue to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue annually, and these dollars will continue to have a meaningful impact on the lives of tens of thousands of Garden State residents.
    • Casino gaming has directly supported 1.4 million jobs in a range of careers.
      • Casinos in New Jersey have provided jobs to workers from all walks of life, as the casino workforce has more gender and racial diversity than the U.S. workforce in general.
      • Gaming jobs are more likely than jobs in other industries to provide generous benefits, such as health care and retirement plans.
      • Casino gaming in Atlantic City continues to directly employ approximately 24,000 workers—more than Pennsylvania and Delaware combined.   
    • Casino gaming has boosted tourism in Atlantic City.

      • Before casino doors opened, three million tourists visited the city. Last year alone, 26.7 million tourists visited Atlantic City—that’s more than the number of people who passed through New York City’s Grand Central Station in 2013.
      • The population of Atlantic County has increased by 46 percent since casinos began operating. In 1977, 189,012 people lived in Atlantic County; in 2013, the population stands at 275,862
      • The number of businesses in Atlantic County grew by 396 percent since casinos began operating. In 1977, the number was 4,236. In 2013, the County claimed 21,027 businesses.

    Across the nation, the facts are clear: gaming supports more than 800,000 American jobs; drives $125 billion in spending and directly generates nearly $16 billion in tax revenue annually to pay for education, public safety and infrastructure improvements.

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