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    American Gaming Association Commends New York, Delaware Legislators for Acting to Strengthen Partnerships with Gaming

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    June 26, 2014

    Washington, DC – In the past week, legislators in Delaware and New York have acted to help ensure gaming facilities in each state can maintain competitiveness, support jobs and stay economically healthy. In New York last Friday, legislation to allow racinos to operate during hours that meet market demand and offer proven marketing programs was passed by the legislature and sent to Governor Andrew Cuomo.

    On Wednesday night, the Delaware Senate passed legislation that reduces the burden casinos pay in slot machine vendor fees; the legislation has been sent to the Delaware House of Representatives.

    “We applaud lawmakers in Delaware and New York for taking action to help gamingcompanies compete in the current landscape,” said Geoff Freeman, president and CEO of the American Gaming Association. “Gaming serves as one component of a strategic, multifaceted economic development plan and supports thousands of jobs, boosts small businesses and generates vital revenues forpublic services, such as education and safety.  While there’s no regulatory silver bullet that will level the playing field in every state, lawmakers should consider ways to strengthen their partnerships with gaming companies or risk losing crucial jobs and revenues.”

    Efforts in Delaware and New York to provide regulatory relief for its gaming companies fall in line with how many states protect manufacturing and other industries that create jobs and generate significant economic development. Further, many industries demand tax subsidies from states and communities before opening a plant or manufacturing site.

    Yet when it comes to the gaming industry, many states adopt the tax and torturemodel.  Rather than tax breaks in exchange for creating jobs, the gaming industry often confronts punitive tax rates that limit the industry’s ability to innovate and reinvest in its product.

    A recent Wall Street Journal front-page article highlighted the need for policymakers to embrace casinos as a mainstream business – and voters are giving them the green light to do so. Voters across the political spectrum view gaming morefavorably than ever before, and they recognize that casinos are a mainstream form of entertainment and an economic driver that supports jobs and boosts growth in communities across the nation.

    The AGA’s “Get to Know Gaming” campaign is helping to pave the way for more states to view casino operators as partners and adopt policies that reflect that mindset. Learn more at GetToKnowGaming.org.

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