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    American Gaming Association Applauds Delaware Lawmakers for Acting to Protect Casino Jobs

    Press Release
    June 25, 2014

    Washington, DC – American Gaming Association President and CEO Geoff Freeman released the following statement after the Delaware Senate passed legislation that will protect casino jobs in the state:
    “We applaud Delaware lawmakers for acting to protect the livelihoods of thousands of casino workers by passing legislation that partially relieves the heavy regulatory burden casinos shoulder. While this legislation marks a positive, short-term step in the right direction, we urge policymakers to follow the lead of Governor Markell and Senator Bushweller by going further to approve legislation that will do more to strengthen the state’s partnerships with gaming companies. Otherwise, the state risks losing crucial jobs and revenues that support vital public services. Voters across the political spectrum view gaming more favorably than ever before and are giving policymakers the green light to act.”

    Delaware’s efforts to provide regulatory relief for its casinos fall in line with how many states, including Delaware, protect manufacturing and other industries that create jobs and generate significant economic development. Further, many industries demand tax subsidies from states and communities before opening a plant or manufacturing site. Yet when it comes to the gaming industry, many states adopt the tax and torture model.  Rather than tax breaks in exchange for creating jobs, the gaming industry often confronts punitive tax rates that limit the industry’s ability to innovate and reinvest in its product.

    The AGA’s “Get to Know Gaming” campaign is helping to pave the way for more states to view casino operators as partners and adopt policies that reflect that mindset. The vast majority of voters across the political spectrum recognizes that casino gaming creates jobs, strengthens local businesses and benefits communities.

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