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    “Now more than ever, we at MGM Resorts are driven by a fundamental commitment to make a positive and lasting impact on our world. We actively work to benefit our communities and our neighbors, believing that our efforts in social impact and sustainability ensure the continued resiliency and relevancy of our business.” – Jyoti Chopra, Chief People, Inclusion & Sustainability Officer

    Advancing Sustainability

    Lowering Carbon Emissions

    Climate change is a defining issue of our age. MGM Resorts is committed to “Protecting the Planet” and creating a more environmentally sustainable future by focusing on the strategic pillars of water, energy and materials.

    In 2020, MGM Resorts advanced construction of its 100-megawatt utility scale solar array in North Las Vegas. With more than 330,000 panels arranged across 700 acres, the solar array powers up to 90 percent of the daytime electricity used at all MGM Resorts properties on the Las Vegas Strip — more than 65 million square feet. For comparison, the array will generate the same amount of electricity needed to power approximately 27,000 homes for a year. This array will play a major role in helping MGM Resorts meet its original climate goal (established in 2017) to reduce Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions by 45 percent by 2025. On opening its array in June 2021, MGM Resorts established two new 2030 climate goals: to reduce absolute scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions by 50 percent and source 100 percent renewable electricity by 2030.

    Reducing Resource Consumption & Waste

    MGM Resorts works to protect the planet by focusing efforts on three strategic priorities that address its main environmental footprints related to water, energy and materials. MGM Resorts recognizes that to reduce its environmental footprints, it needs to start by designing buildings that are efficient from the start, continue operating them efficiently, and hone in on actions that are likely to make the most difference.

    For water, that means focusing most on reducing consumptive water use; for energy, that means using more renewables; and for materials, it means focusing on the material flows and waste associated with one of MGM Resorts’ most important product categories: food and beverage.

    In addition, since much of MGM Resorts extended environmental footprint and risk is embedded in our supply chain, the Company has more directly connected its social impact and sustainability strategy with its supply chain strategy.

    Strengthening Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

    Strengthening Employee DEI

    MGM Resorts’ diversity and inclusion strategy begins with attracting, developing and retaining diverse talent and ensuring that talent has equal access to leadership opportunities. The Company continuously works to embed diversity and inclusion across its HR practices, from onboarding and mentoring to succession planning and promotion.

    MGM Resorts launched the Courageous Conversations program in 2020 – a series of open forums in which leadership meets with groups of diverse employees to discuss where and how MGM Resorts can improve inclusion of diverse populations within leadership and across the workforce and to ensure that a broad range of voices and viewpoints are heard. At each meeting the conversation centered around issues of inequality and injustice in America, with an emphasis on how MGM Resorts can best use its platform externally on such matters as well as ways in which the Company can improve diversity and inclusion within its ranks and among its suppliers. In 2021, MGM Resorts added additional cohorts of employees including LatinX, Women and LGBTQ+ individuals to hear their voices as well.

    Engaging Diverse Suppliers and Vendors

    By actively seeking to buy from and offer mentorship to diverse suppliers, MGM Resorts ensures a more resilient supply chain and supports economic development across local communities. During the pandemic, MGM Resorts engaged more than 500 diverse suppliers- all of which are owned and operated by women, people of color, LGBTQ+, disabled persons and/or Veteran business owners. Through its Supplier Diversity Mentorship Program, MGM Resorts helped more than 100 diverse small business suppliers through workshops and seminars relating to growth in turbulent times.

    Investing in Communities 

    Delivering in Times of Crisis

    During the pandemic, MGM Resorts partnered with Eagle Promotions, a minority-owned business, to make Personal Protective Kits for MGM Resorts employees and guests of the resorts. The masks were also transported to Opportunity Village, a Las Vegas nonprofit that provides programs and services for people with disabilities.

    MGM Resorts’ executive chefs quickly mobilized to safely donate all available fresh food from its properties to charitable organizations serving those in need. Thanks to the tenacity of its chefs and its long-standing community partnerships, within days of shutting down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MGM Resorts donated more than 662,000 pounds of food— or 552,000 meals– to the communities in which it operates. In Southern Nevada, MGM Resorts donated 444,000 pounds of food, equivalent to 370,000 meals.

    Throughout the rest of the U.S., MGM Resorts donated an additional 219,000 pounds of food, equivalent to 182,000 meals. During most of the month of April, MGM Resorts’ chefs cooked and donated 1,000 hot meals daily that were distributed through Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada. In total, MGM Resorts donated more than 1.1 million meals in 2020, taking MGM Resorts halfway to its goal of 5 million meals donated by 2025.

    Addressing Critical Community Needs

    The MGM Resorts Foundation was established in 2002 as an engagement opportunity for employees to contribute to important charitable causes. Since its inception, the Foundation has raised more than $100 million and supported more than 1,500 charitable organizations in U.S. communities and locations where MGM Resorts conducts business. In 2021, the MGM Resorts Foundation distributed more than $3 million dollars to local organizations. Additionally, the Community Grant benefits local communities in Southern Nevada; Detroit, Michigan; Biloxi and Tunica, Mississippi; Washington, DC metropolitan area; and Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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    Responsible Leadership

    Protecting and Empowering Customers

    MGM Resorts is dedicated to supporting responsible gaming efforts at properties nationwide. By incorporating GameSense into its service model, MGM Resorts’ guests are provided with resources and education to make informed decisions, play responsibly and keep gaming fun. For guest convenience, information is accessible online or in-person at GameSense information centers located at each property. MGM Resorts is committed to promoting public awareness, information and resources to those who believe they may have a gambling problem. As part of this commitment, MGM Resorts offers a self-limit program that allows guests to voluntarily limit themselves from certain gaming activities and privileges at all MGM Resorts properties. MGM Resorts is also a partner of AGA’s Have A Game Plan.® public service campaign.

    Training Employees

    MGM Resorts has partnered with the Responsible Gaming Council, the University of Nevada Las Vegas and the Cambridge Health Alliance on separate projects that aim to shape the way the Company trains employees and interacts with guests on responsible gaming.

    Investing in Research and Partnering with Advocacy Groups

    MGM Resorts continues to invest in research that aims to advance best practices, policy and principles in responsible gaming.

    MGM Resorts has partnered with UNLV and the Cambridge Health Alliance on a multi-year project that evaluates the operation of GameSense at MGM Resorts. The objective of the research was to understand guest and employee awareness and engagement with GameSense.

    MGM Resorts is proud to sponsor and support non-profit organizations, like the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling, International Center for Responsible Gaming and National Council on Problem Gambling, who advocate for programs, services and research related to problem gambling.

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