• “We endeavor to be a welcome part of our host communities, and we understand that to achieve that objective, we must be mindful, active stewards of our core values and the values of the communities in which we work and live. As a Company, we pursue four key areas of corporate social responsibility, and we also empower our employees to engage in initiatives on their own. Our four-pronged approach to ESG includes: Community Relations, Education, Green Initiatives and Diversity & Inclusion.” – James Maida, CEO

    Advancing Sustainability

    Reducing Resource Consumption and Waste

    Global Laboratories International (GLI) understands that the environment is the heart of our world. GLI engages in green initiatives throughout its global network of offices. For example, at its world headquarters, a top-to-bottom examination of the entire building led to reductions in power usage and paper consumption.

    In each of its offices, GLI promotes recycling and seeks out vendors and products with a greener composition.

    GLI donates electronic waste and obsolete equipment to the Urban Renewal Corp who repurposes or recycles this equipment to support programs helping the poor and homeless in New Jersey.

    Lowering Carbon Emissions

    GLI is actively involved in energy savings programs like Demand Response and Synchronized Reserve. GLI also created green-friendly tools for our clients, such as GLILink, Point.Click.Transfer and Point.Click.Submit, which eliminate paperwork and reduce carbon emissions by eliminating physical shipping of devices and systems.

    Recently, energy savings improvements have been made to GLI’s corporate headquarters, including high-efficiency HVAC units, interior and exterior LED lighting, energy saving window tint and automatic-off light sensors.

    Strengthening Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    Strengthening Employee DEI

    GLI is increasing recruitment of women and minorities by placing job postings on minority and women’s interest job boards, encouraging all employees to refer qualified applicants and requesting employment agencies, when utilized, to refer qualified minorities and women.

    GLI also offers counseling to assist employees in identifying promotional opportunities, training and educational programs to enhance promotions and opportunities for job rotation or transfer.

    A GLI affirmative action officer has been assigned to ensure the effective implementation of the organization’s affirmative action program.

    STEM Internships for Women and Minorities

    Using techniques to improve recruitment and increase the number of minority and female applicants, GLI has initiated a new STEM internship for women and minorities. To drive participation, GLI met with universities with strong female STEM groups, as well as the American Indian Science and Engineering Society for indigenous student internships in Las Vegas and Colorado.

    Investing in Communities

    Addressing Critical Community Needs

    GLI is honored to support nonprofit organizations in our host cities worldwide. In the U.S., GLI supports local chapters of numerous health-related organizations, including the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association.

    Because GLI believes that no one should go hungry, the Company supports local food banks, pantries, and organizations such as the Salvation Army. GLI also supports a neighboring Behavioral Health Center Building Fund, where local residents receive free mental health screenings and care regardless of health insurance status.

    GLI’s employees understand the importance of giving back and participate in various local events, including holiday food and toy drives, blood drives throughout the year, the United Way Day of Caring in Las Vegas, and various volunteer opportunities with local nonprofits.

    Expanding Education and Career Opportunities

    GLI World Headquarters in NJ participates in an annual career day and is host to high school students for career and networking events.

    GLI-AGEM Lasting Impact Philanthropic Initiative

    GLI’s dedication to upholding responsibility in the gaming industry prompted a new philanthropic partnership – The GLI-AGEM Lasting Impact Philanthropic Initiative. Created by the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM) and GLI, the multi-year effort is designed to identify worthy causes that will utilize direct contributions to flourish over the long term. The partnership contributes to causes with a lasting impact inside the gaming industry and beyond. From 2019-2020, GLI-AGEM donated $200,000 to the Dr. Robert Hunter International Problem Gambling Center.


    Responsible Leadership

    Establishing and Following Rigorous Business Standards

    GLI realizes that as an independent testing lab, we test to ensure the integrity of the games themselves, so the integrity of the gaming industry is part of our culture and core values. We understand the importance of responsible gaming awareness and our role in delivering that message.

    GLI is qualified by the World Lottery Association (WLA) to conduct WLA Responsible Gaming Independent Assessor audits and has completed numerous audits for lotteries and suppliers around the world.

    Training Employees

    GLI has created specialized seminars and free training courses for casino employees on responsible gaming through GLI University. In addition, GLI University stages annual regulator roundtable events and conducts regulator seminars as well as regional trainings tailored to individual clients’ needs, where responsible gaming awareness is key to the conversation and partnership.

    Native American War Memorial

    GLI’s ties to Indian Gaming go back to the Company’s early days. Since that time, the relationships have continued to grow, and in 2018, GLI President James Maida was honored with OIGA’s Modern Day Warrior Award in recognition of his more than 20 years of dedication to the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association.

    GLI and AGEM were presented with a chance to honor Native American war veterans by contributing to a memorial in Washington, D.C. The Lasting Impact Philanthropic Initiative donated $120,000 to the National Museum of the American Indian’s Native American Veterans Memorial. Drawing 24 million visitors annually, this memorial is a poignant monument and honors American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian veterans. It symbolizes the country’s respect for Native Americans’ service and patriotism.

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