Promoting Next Generation Regulations and Statutes: Gaming By the Book

Policy Position Issue | 09.23.2015

Across 40 states, gaming taxes support vital public services such as education, law enforcement, community development, debt reduction and more. Casino gaming contributes $240 billion to our nation’s economy and supports 1.7 million jobs across the U.S. Our industry is no longer niche or novel. Yet, when it comes to public policy and regulatory issues, such as tax, the policies that govern gaming today do not reflect current market realities. As highlighted in Gaming By the Book, an online resource that aggregates gaming regulations and statues, in some states the gaming industry labors under tax rates that exceed 60 percent.
AGA advocates for “Next-Generation” gaming policies that pave the way for forward-thinking policies that encourage job growth, innovation and reinvestment

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May 23, 2018