Why should you work in the gaming industry?

There are countless reasons to seek out a career in the gaming entertainment industry. Here are just a few…

A Growing Industry: The gaming entertainment industry is thriving. According to the Department of Labor, over the next 10 years, jobs in the gaming, recreation and amusement industries are expected to increase by 470,000.

A World of Opportunities: Career possibilities in the gaming entertainment industry are extremely diverse, ranging from architecture and accounting to hotel management, computer science and information technology.

A Working Environment Designed for Success: Gaming entertainment industry employees who are committed to excellence and have a desire to get ahead are compensated and promoted.

A Global Perspective: The gaming entertainment industry is expanding all over the world, creating significant international opportunities for individuals interested in taking their careers to new heights—and new continents.

A Commitment to Diversity: Diversity is a top priority in the gaming entertainment industry, which employs a greater percentage of minorities—including minority and female executives—than the national average.

A Wide Range of Benefits: Gaming entertainment industry employees receive highly competitive salaries and excellent benefits packages that can include health care benefits, retirement plans, paid vacation, child care options, training programs and tuition reimbursement.

A Caring Community Partner: In addition to creating jobs and business opportunities for communities across the country, the gaming entertainment industry donates thousands of employee volunteer hours and millions of dollars to charities every year.

A Satisfied Workforce: Employees in the gaming entertainment industry are valued team members, and are treated as such. The industry consistently experiences extremely high employee satisfaction ratings and boasts impressive retention rates.